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The Best Franchises Working with Children


Working from home has to be one of the best options for many people who want to start their own business. Low start-up costs, flexibility of hours, and managing your own time are all highly attractive. However, taking that plunge can seem like a big step and one way in which to cushion that is to buy into a franchise.

Giving Kids the Gift of Language


The benefits to children of learning foreign languages at an early stage are well-documented. Research shows that it not only enhances general linguistic skills but it also appears to lead to greater all-round academic success. Children acquiring new language skills at after-school clubs have a significant additional advantage: they learn in a fun, relaxed setting and gain social skills and friends. Running a language after-school club with LCF is an excellent opportunity for those seeking jobs teaching French.

A Timeline of Language: The Stages of Speech Development in Children


If you are looking for an opportunity to teach languages to children LCF Clubs can help. Children’s language classes are an area of genuine growth where demand outstrips supply. For more than 20 years we have been helping individuals, like you, establish their own language club business. Providing education and learning that’s fun and affordable is the ethos that guides LCF Clubs. Image courtesy of photomyheart at

How Learning A Second Language Benefits Children


Educators have long since appreciated the benefits learning a second language brings to children. If all parents grasped the benefits there would be even more demand for language classes. This is not us saying this but is in fact the product of many years of research and analysis.